The history of the appearance of the shabby chic style

Does the name Rachel Asheville mean anything to you? It was she who became the founder of the Shabby Chic style. Rachel, a creative person by nature, loved to buy at the flea market items with a history, old furniture or decorative items that she herself transformed. She artificially aged some things. To others, she […]

How to decorate your home in the Scandinavian style?

Living room The identity of Scandinavia is very clearly visible precisely in the design chosen by young Scandinavians. They are very sensitive to the traditions of their country and to comfort, prefer naturalness to artificial chic, and they do not need to be designers at all to decorate the interior of their home beautifully and […]

How to decorate a child’s room?

Kids grow up so fast! Today your kid looks at books with dinosaurs, and tomorrow he will wake up and suddenly he will like stories about polar travelers. The older the child becomes, the more “artifacts” that demonstrate his interests appear in the children’s room. We offer a selection of interesting and inexpensive ideas that […]