How to decorate a child’s room?


Kids grow up so fast! Today your kid looks at books with dinosaurs, and tomorrow he will wake up and suddenly he will like stories about polar travelers. The older the child becomes, the more “artifacts” that demonstrate his interests appear in the children’s room. We offer a selection of interesting and inexpensive ideas that will sound in unison with the hobbies of the child and will help to make the atmosphere in the nursery a little more magical, with a touch of adventure and fantasy. And of course, many projects from the selection can and should be done with children!

Order comes first

Our blog is about order, which means that we must say about it first of all, even in an article with such an abstract topic. Moreover, I know a way to organize the order in the nursery beautifully and interestingly: use curly or multi-colored labeling stickers. They can be used to mark everything – from a chest of drawers with clothes to containers with toys or stationery.

Curly stickers in the form of clothing items are ideal for toddlers who cannot read. They are stylish and funny – a real decoration of the nursery. (By the way, many dads will also appreciate this decor – how much time will you save husbands in case they themselves have to collect the child on the street 🙂

For older children, multi-colored stickers or slate stickers are suitable, on which, like on a chalkboard, you can draw with a special white marker. Stick them on cabinets and dressers, containers, boxes, toy boxes, sign what is stored in them, and cleaning up after games or a big wash will be quick and fun.


A garland is a decoration that will create a holiday in any room. In order to make a garland, use any materials at hand – paper, cardboard, fabric scraps, yarn and ribbons.

Garlands with ribbons make up an excellent backdrop for an Indian game. And themed garlands with stars or ships will appeal to future travelers.

The electric garland can be supplemented with cardboard and plywood decor, shaped using wire, using any available means. And then the New Year’s accessory will become an all-season decoration.

Suspended structures – mobiles

In fact, this is a kind of garlands – they look different, but no less impressive. A mobile can be made from a hoop, a hoop for embroidery, using any suitable frame, from which decorated threads, ribbons, and in general anything you decide to hang on it (or even LEGO bricks) will hang like streams of rain.

Exhibition of children’s drawings

It is very important for any child that adults appreciate their creativity. I can see this in my children, who from an early age, holding out their drawings, look into my face – do they like it? Making simple devices for the exhibition of children’s drawings is a 5-minute lesson. But the effect of them is stunning, both for the child’s self-esteem and for his personal space.

Use roof rails, string, linen and curtain pegs, bag clips, or empty frames.

Vinyl stickers

Vinyl decals are a popular and inexpensive way to decorate walls in a nursery. Now you can choose a storyline for every taste. And a person can transfer the sticker to the surface even without art education. In addition to walls, you can decorate doors and furniture. And there are stickers that glow in the dark. Imagine a room in which, after turning off the lights in the evening, stars and planets are lit on the ceiling – magically!

Drawings on the walls

A way of decorating a nursery, which, of course, will require a lot of money and time. But looking at examples of children’s rooms with wonderful drawings on the walls, you can find inspiration for painting work. Moreover, minimalism is now in vogue, plain walls and drawings with a simple plot that many of us can reproduce.

A wall on which you can draw with crayons

Finishing the topic of bullying walls, I will mention a trick that has been at the peak of popularity for several years now: walls on which you can draw with crayons, like on a slate board. It’s not that hard to get one. Special vinyl decals can be ordered with a crayon finish. And you can buy paint for slate boards. Add paint to it, which creates a magnetic layer – then, in addition to crayons on the wall, you can use magnets.

“Elegant” furniture

About expensive bedspreads, pillows, tablecloths, etc. there will be no talk here. But there is a way how to turn the most ordinary bed of a little princess into a marshmallow cloud, and the desk of a growing football fan into a goal. See for yourself.

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