The history of the appearance of the shabby chic style

shabby chic

Does the name Rachel Asheville mean anything to you? It was she who became the founder of the Shabby Chic style. Rachel, a creative person by nature, loved to buy at the flea market items with a history, old furniture or decorative items that she herself transformed. She artificially aged some things. To others, she added life and color, turning a shabby chest into an exquisite chest.

At first, Rachel created unique furniture for the family interior. Her furniture transformed the environment before our eyes, making it interesting and non-trivial. Soon she began to decorate custom-made furniture. Her idea became popular among Americans, and became widespread in the 80s of the twentieth century.

By the way, the Internet contributed to the rapid spread of the new style. The creator bought furniture, sanded it and put it in order. Decorated with a fresh layer of paint, varnish, a pattern of roses. And then she photographed and inserted it for everyone to see on the Web. Through the Internet, she received the first order for the manufacture of such interior items. In the same way, she taught others to decorate the interior in a shabby chic style. She gave master classes, described her own invented style in books. In fact, Shabby Chic is a very young style with little history and achievements. He is a little over 30 years old.

Shabby Chic style outwardly echoes American country and French Provence. These areas have a number of common features.

But there are enough differences:

  • elegance and recognizability of patterns;
  • luxurious, albeit slightly shabby, furniture;
  • beautiful chandeliers with crystal trimmings;
  • a special love for presentable and expensive things.

The main features of the shabby chic style
To combine pieces of furniture, decor and surface finishes in a shabby luxury style, you need:

  • knowledge and skills of a stylist or designer;
  • the ability to see beauty in old and long-serving objects;
  • a subtle sense of the difference between the sophistication and roughness of old things.

In the interior in the style of shabby chic, people with a creative vision of the world feel well: photographers, fashion designers, decorators, painters, musicians, poets or screenwriters. It will be difficult for a person of strict views who recognizes the usual order of things to appreciate an expensive natural wood cabinet with a missing door handle against the background of a simply plastered wall. The best design in this style works in the interior of a bedroom or living room. After all, it is rather difficult to arrange the whole house in this way: firstly, it will require large expenses, and secondly, it can turn an elite mansion into a toy house for Barbie.

To create a cozy corner in an apartment with a touch of shabby antiquity, they use the following techniques:

  1. They select the main objects that set the tone for the whole interior and play with them. Most often these are large furniture sets. They are made the main characters of the plot, placing them in the spotlight. Furniture should be solid, made of natural materials, preferably used.
  2. Determine the color scheme of the interior, again, focusing on the color of the furniture. If the chairs or table are white, then the walls and floor should shade it. They are available in beige, cream, pink or light green. If the furniture is closer to brown, then flat surfaces are decorated in white.
  3. Complement the room with exquisite decor. He plays an important role in the overall picture of the interior. It creates the final impression of former luxury and wealth. Antique decanters and sets, fresh flowers (the most exquisite and fragrant), wooden boxes with a picture of roses on the surface look gorgeous in the Shabby Chic apartments.
  1. In general, the pink pattern is the main leitmotif of the style. Such a drawing must definitely decorate a room in the shabby chic style. It can be present on wallpaper, vases, dishes, embroidery, bedspreads and curtains. If the interior is made in solid colors, then bouquets of live roses, buttercups, peonies will create the desired flavor.
  2. Use a mint color. He is the hallmark of the style. Walls, wardrobe, or chairs can be mint. If the interior has a lot of white and beige colors, then mint complements the basic color scheme only a little. It can be used to paint the entrance or interior doors, or pick up a chest for storing mint-colored jewelry.
  1. The main feature of the style is luxury and elegance. But designers are advised to properly adapt them to normal living conditions. After finishing work on the design, the room should look habitable and homely. It should not create the impression of a museum room in which antiquities are collected, and nothing should be touched with your hands.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to add paint to your white interior. The overall impression that the room should create should resemble an antique porcelain service with roses. A kind of blurred color spot on a white background.

  1. Another feature of the style is the abundance of textiles. The style, although created by modernity, does not support the strict forms of minimalism or the coldness of hi-tech. Curtains and bedspreads should be cozy, beautiful, with light fabric folds. The fabric for decorating windows is selected in a wide variety of ways.

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